Monday, 23 November 2009

Tomb Kings

Another look at some old models I'm quite proud of. The key with this one is to compare it to the skeletons I did when I first started painting warhammer models... or just as telling, the "better" ones I painted in the summer before I moved to Portsmouth that I thought were 10 times, 100 times better than the ones that went before! Luckily I don't have photos of those ones, so I'll just have to show these off instead ;o)

A unit of Skeleton Warriors (I also have a unit painted with Spears)

A closer look at the unit Champion

And this next piece is a conversion to make a Liche Priest equipped with the Cloak of the Dunes. As I thought the magic item had clearly taken inspiration from "The Mummy" I drew inspiration from the same source when it came to the model. The original attempt had a green stuff cloak too, but it looked flat and fake and I think ruined the model. So I can up with the better one, where instead of a cloak and sandstorm legs, the storm begins where the cloak would, and sweeps the priest along in it.

I have lots of this stuff waiting on the inspiration to start it up again. With those fantastic new foundation paints and washes, and rumours of a new codex maybe sometime next year, perhaps we have another contender for Warhammer ToFG :oP


  1. My last comment is going to be lost now in the Cityfight post haha. And there I was thinking you were done :P

    I forgot to say something about ToFG as well. Perhaps we can do one following a month break or something after each. Then do a different system for each one as well, or a mixed system ToFG. As, for instance, I don't have enough money to collect WHFB, you and Ken don't collect Warmachine or Flames of War (YET! :P).

  2. The downside of mixed system ToFG is it'd make the mini tournament and end battle a real bitch to administer... :oP

    The soviet forces are getting stepped on by giant marines, whose bolter fire is bouncing off the chaos knights 1+ armour, but luckily they're getting absolutely obliterated by the battlefleet gothic system where you have to match their armour roll, thus 6 is the strongest, and 1 is practically tissue paper...

  3. Hehe, like the summary there ginge.