Monday, 23 November 2009

TOFG: Month 1

Ok, so the pics have come through, but rather than bash them all out in one big post, I'm going to do several smaller posts. Sure it means several posts on one day, but it makes it easier to find them again later :oP

First up, TOFG.

I've still to finish the Stormboyz, so basic Boyz for now.

Here's a Mob of 12.

Here's the thug leading them.

And here's their ride.

I've got two units/truks, and they're all done. Just 10 Stromboyz left to paint.

My month 2 list is almost certainly gonna be (I don't HAVE to commit till the 30th after all, but seeing as everyone else is going for it...)

10 Lootas
Looted vehicle (will transport Lootas - This will be a converted Truk, and in larger games will probably go back to being a truk... but for now I wanted to build the model and had no other way of including it in my army, due to Lootas not being allowed dedicated transports.)
12 boyz inc Nob with Power Klaw.
Truk (for the boyz)
Big Mek with Shok Attack Gun
Deffkopta (to make up the points for this month.)

All in all, quite a bit to do. The Big Mek is especially daunting, quite possibly the biggest challenge in my proposed 2000 point list. Best to get it out of the way then I suppose... :oP

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  1. looking good so far, the red really stans out against the white bases. why did you opt for the snow? there gona get cold in just those vests lol