Tuesday, 1 December 2009

ToFG: Month 1 Results, and Month 2 Requirements

Ok, the results are in. In month 1 (nice easy start) we just had to paint 500 points each. Well tonight at Hammer N Ales Rich and I confirmed each others finished ToFG armies, and Ken uploaded pics of his tonight. Chris (industrious little sod that he is) finished his several weeks ago, so I'd already seen them.

So, scores for month 1 are all tied on 5 apiece.

In month 2, there are a potential 8 points up for grabs. Each gamer must paint another 500 points, 5 points for on time, 3 points for late, 0 points for not within the late window. There is also a bonus 3 points available for getting a game in against someone, anyone. It doesn't have to be a fellow ToFG member, just pop down to your local workshop and ask a staff member to give you a test game if needs be. Get a photo if you can, or maybe write a battle report detailing your exploits.

The bonus points in this one encourages people to build towards a legal army for the 1000 point level. It is also a chance for them to play with the models they've worked so feverishly on.

Requirements for the month are as follows:

We'll deal with Rich first, as he's got the most complicated aspect. As I said you could paint extra stuff at any time in order to not penalise Rich (who'd started his chaos before I came up with the idea of doing this, and had already painted most of his troops choices) and swap it for stuff you painted on any given month (which gets retired to apoc reserve, though you cannot swap back and forwards between them until apoc month unlocks your reserve) Rich has selected one unit to paint this month that will go immediately into his reserve, to be substituted by a troops unit.

Rich thus has to paint 10 marines, including Aspiring Champion and 2 plasmaguns. The squad has a mark of chaos glory. He also has to paint 5 terminators, including champion with twin lightening claws, a heavy flamer, 3 combi weapons and 2 chainfists. The terms will drop to apoc reserve to make room for another squad of 10 chaos marines, giving Rich a legal 1000 point army.

2 Devilfish
10 Fire Warriors
3 Crisis Suits
1 Broadside

So again a good variety for Ken to paint, infantry, vehicles and suits.

Command Section with missile launcher
Infantry Squad with missile launcher
Infantry Squad with missile launcher
Heavy Weapon Squad with 3 mortars
Veteran Squad with 3 meltaguns and a demo charge
Valkyrie with Rocket Pods

And Finally, Me...
Big Mek with Shok Attack Gun (Bugrit makes an appearance)
10 Lootas
Looted Vehicle
12 Boyz inc Nob with Power Klaw

Chris is no doubt looking enviously at the mere 15 models that Rich has to paint and asking himself why the hell he did a horde army. If he isn't, he should be! I sure as hell am! :oP

With Winds of War to take my attention, plus a couple of conversion projects for some apoc scenarios I came up with, the last thing I need is something more to distract me...

On a completely unrelated note I've just ordered some models for the game Uncharted Seas. It looked interesting and low costs for hte models, so a few of us are gonna give it a go. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. At least this is low intensity distraction, not like Winds of War where I'm aiming to win the Fergus award. More on WInds of War, Fergus, and Uncharted Seas when I have some models to photograph.


  1. 15 models is that all. I wouldn't mind just having that many to do. Although to be fair. I don't have an awful lot to do next month. Just a copy and paste of this months. Plus an extra vehicle and Broadside. I imagine the forgeworld vradside to take the longest. Bloody resin.

  2. You're not the only one working with resin this month Ken, I've got an Ork Half-track to do :oP

  3. My Round 3 is even worse than rounds 1 or 2. Why do I do this to myself?! I have to put more effort into painting Round 3 as well :P

  4. Well im thinking in round 3 i will probably only have 11 lol an expensive unit and a vehicle, mwa haha

  5. That's ridiculous. I'll have 3 times that!

  6. One of my months will be just 11 bikers and Wazzdakka, so just 12 models... course the other month is looking like 2 vehicles and another 22 infantry or so... :oS

  7. Edited post to reflect discovery that I originally planned it to be a bonus 3 points for playing a game