Monday, 2 November 2009

ToFG: Journal of a Sentient Grot

Well, here we are in my first journal entry, allow me to introduce myself. I am a grot, though in my newly enhanced state I find that term quite offensive and would prefer to be called a muscularly challenged ork. I have still yet to think of a name for myself, as I can now see that Ereyoo isn't my real name, despite what I may have believed for my short torrid existence thus far. It will do for the time being... not many sentient creatures get the opportunity to name themselves, and I wish to put some thought into it. As for my enhanced state, that would be due to my "master" Mek Bugrit, who has been trying for some time to make some sort of weapon that fires my lesser brethren through the warp. I was a test shot yesterday. For some reason I emerged from a horrifying journey with my intellect boosted incredibly. Sadly my muscles were not boosted to match, otherwise I would shove that tube up Bugrits... no, those thoughts are beneath me. I am sure with my gentle guidance his career as a Mek will flourish and make life better for our little tribe.

Our little tribe is centred around Bugrits workshop, where among the various projects he has on the go we are currently repairing a couple of trucks, producing jetpacks for any idiots willing to try them, "testing" some sort of gun that fires my kin through some other realm and of course the endless scheme of creating a motorbike that Mek Bugrit can actually ride, just like his hero Wazdakka Gutsmek. Unlike Wazdakka, Bugrit is hopeless on two wheels, dangerous on three, and just as likely to fall off four or more. For an Ork that loves speed, he really could do with a better sense of balance.

My personal project (apart from mere survival) is to get my hands on that grot gun and find out what happened to me. If I could replicate the effect, I could create a master race. Sure the bigger guys push us around now, but all we'd need to do is reach a critical mass and we could run it all! Can you imagine such a society? Run for the benefit of all green kind with intelligence guiding us through the stars? It is a dream worth striving for.

Anyway, I must return to my duties. I have to go and "correct" my work from earlier. Apparently fully functioning jet packs just aren't crowd pleasers, and if at least one in five isn't little more than a suicide belt with a touch of thrust it's just not good enough.


  1. Great introduction there! I guess the other three of us should follow suit now!

    Painting is going ok so far. Being a cripple means I have to do a quick paint scheme, and blitz my models whenever I get the chance as I may not get one for another week or two.

    I have done the base colour, camo and flesh on my entire 500pts, since yesterday. Not bad for a cripple eh? :P

    Initially I wasn't so happy with the base colouring, but now that the rest of the scheme is being laid down it's not so bad.

  2. I'm bored at work and I haven't got any paints with me so decided to knock that out. Creative writing is not part of the challenge, merely an amusing extra if you feel like it. No points will be awarded :oP Working Saturday Sunday day shifts this weekend... expect to get some painting done then at least!

    Thus far I have undercoated my infantry and partially assembled one truk. The truk is ready for undercoating, I'm going to do paint some bits before assembly. Gonna stick the other one in the same pieces then undercoat them both. Also gonna create some more test bases for me to work on my basing scheme. Decided to go with sand on the base (needed to decide that before I undercoated) but still need to work on getting the snow to look right...

  3. The easiest way to do snow is to either put some putty down and cover that in snow, or dry brush the area of the sand you're going to put snow down on with white. I used snow once and it came out purple because I didn't do that :P

    I very nearly went for a snow scheme for my guard as a last minute impulse, but decided I'd already bought the desert paints in!

    My guys aren't going to win any awards, but like I said I'm a cripple and if I want an army up I have to make some sacrifices! lol. At least if the whole army looks uniform. then it'll look relatively good on the board.

    I'm not bothering with squad markings just yet until I can make two full platoons and then I can mix and match as I like.

    I am quite dreading painting the Valkyrie. My simple dry brushing won't work in the same way. So I'm just thinking of going how I did on my old IG army - 2 coats of graveyard earth, boltgun metal in areas, and with an added pinch of khaki for a drybrush highlight.

  4. ive just started blog to keep track of what im doing when i get time how do you add pics?

  5. None of us have any idea at all :P I want to start one too, not just of 40k but of anything I feel like sharing with the 3 people I know lol.

  6. I've not perfected it yet myself, but when making a post there is a smal picture icon over to the top right (just next to an icon that looks like film strip, for video)

    This allows you to add pics, but be warned all I've managed to do so far is add them in at the top then manually drag them into position. If you're gonna have a few pics with a specific order, it's worth putting the last pictures you want up first as a bit of a time saver, then you only have to drag them around the text and not each other :oP