Tuesday, 1 December 2009

ToFG: Journal Entry... New projects

Greetings once again faithful readership of my high brow material. I have survived the month, despite the weather closing in, and have managed to forage enough food not only to feed myself, but to avoid Bugrit getting hungry enough to eat me!

Several patrols went out with the truks we made. The few stragglers that walked back seemed quite happy with the results, and ordered more. They say they were really good fast trucks, right up until the cowardly humies hiding behind a wall zapped them and blew them up without getting them chance to get in for a proper fight first. From all accounts we lost far more of our strength to the exploding trucks than enemy fire, but Bugrit won't hear of upgrading the armour or shielding the fuel tank in any way. In fact he's tearing armour plates off the latest batch, convinced that if the trucks were faster the humies wouldn't hit them. I suppose he has a point in that if they led the target by the same amount and the target was slightly faster they're more likely to miss... but the way I hear it humans aren't much better at shooting than Orks, and they rely on shooting in roughly the right direction lot's of times and hoping something sticks, so I'm not sure how much of an effect this latest "improvement" will have.

Work continues on our new recovery vehicle. Bugrit wants to use this to scout around bring back more stuff we can salvage and make into useful items, such as truks, guns, jetpacks etc. We're also working on a more all-terrain truck, as the weather has turned quite chill of late. The truks that race around the camp often fishtail and crash quite spectacularly. Which can be quite handy for us... if the owners die, we slavage it, fix it, and sell it again. We make more money from that than meagre repair costs if the owner lives. In fact it's not unknown for one of our crowd pleasing jet packs to be rigged under the drivers seat. If it doesn't quite have the desired effect, it'll certainly prove distracting when trying to steer a truk at breakneck speed on frozen ground...

Bugrit has also got his weapon working well enough to take out for field tests now. I'm still trying to get close enough to it to tweak it for the benefit of all muscularly challenged greenskin kind. (Not too close, for the obvious reasons...) He's also been working on some other guns, that have been pieced together from various salvaged (aka nicked) weaponry and can kick out quite a rate of fire... if only Orks could shoot straight they'd be quite deadly. Bugrit has even taken on an assistant, who is doing field tests with a team of Orks crazy enough to strap themselves into the full body rig those guns entail.

Finally, we got buzzed by an Imperials aircraft the other day. The weather has covered the workshop with a generous helping of snow which has certainly made us harder to spot, especially as when the aircraft gets low enough to be bale to actually identify the fact that we're a building the jetwash kicks up enough snow to render him blind anyway. Bugrit however, was taken with a mood of "anythin humies can do, weez can do better" and has begun trying to piece together a flying contraption of some kind. Predictably rumour of something fast AND flying has spread around the vicinity, and we've got a whole host of volunteers ready to fight for the right to be our test pilot. I will make sure I take all their details. Even if we lost the first ten I'm sure we'd have just as many queueing up to take their chance.

Anyway, duty calls. I'm going to go and fix that flying contraption of Bugrits while he's busy with something else. Entertaining as the end result would be, I think Bugrit would regret losing his latest toy just because he wired the controls so that left went right and right went left. I think having the test run start from the clearing in the forest is risky enough!


  1. Ah so ginge is building fighta bombers for the apoc game then. Cool.

  2. Actually was talking about this months deffkopta but that isn't a bad idea... ;oP