Saturday, 7 November 2009

ToFG: Journal - Crowd Pleasers!

Ereyoo making another entry. No, I haven't come up with a better name to reflect my grand intellect yet, and who would I tell anyway? The only person who talks to me (or yells at me as the case may be) doesn't give a frak what I may say my name is...

On the bright side the workshop is bustling. We're rigging up a couple of trucks we found, strapping together enough load space to carry a mob and painting them the obligatory red (the very idea that red ones go faster, it's ludicrous and scientifically impossible! But the customer is always right, and if they want a red one, they get a red one...) We're doing enough business that Bugrit is talking about building a recovery vehicle, so we can go collect more "spares."

On another bright note, we made a good pile of teeth (orkish currency) and took out one of our mobs main rivals by making some crowd pleasing jetpacks. You may have noticed some of the disturbances over the past couple days. The remnants of a massive stormboyz camp has been absorbed into our little warband. Rivals become recruits, a good tactic to any Ork general. The key part of the trick was my own idea of self preservation. While working on the ones that Bugrit wants to be "temperamental" I decided if there was gonna be an accident it should be as far away from me as possible. I added coloured fragments so that I could find the remains for salvage. This proved very popular with all Orks in the area, and we had a spectacular night of oohs and aahs (or uuugs and aaaags) while thinning the stormboyz numbers. Perhaps you also enjoyed the show?

Anyway, the nights are getting cold, and I think there's a touch of snow in the air. So I'm gonna get back in the workshop, before Bugrit locks me out again!


  1. Hey ginge, Enjoy the fireworks then?
    I've transferred the money for the broadsides to your account. Also I've updated my blog with pictures of my hammerhead, love to get your opinion.

    So the paintings coming along well then? You'll have to put some photos up

  2. Plan to, but I can't get pics off my mobile onto my PC. Not sure if it's the phone or a dodgy cable, when I plug it in it sort of sees it but can't hold a connection.

    Gonna take some models round to Anjis borrow her camera and put them on a memory stick for me to load at my leisure. Then I'll do a proper ToFG entry of my progress intead of the Ereyoo journals (that keep me occupied at work :oP)

    Cheers for the cash, and not really all that bothered by fireworks, just find the fact that it goes on for a fortnight either side of guy fawkes night a little irritating. They shouldn't be sold to the general public in my opinion. :o/