Monday, 9 November 2009

Rough Riders

I've always like dthe rough riders unit, but never liked the models. This has led to me substituting warhammer models while trying to get together the bits to convert my own unit of rough riders. In the new guard codex, rough riders no longer had fleet, so part of their strength had gone. It wasn't as much a priority anymore.

However, something on bols caused me to check my rule book. The reason Imperial Guard Rough Riders no longer have fleet in their unit entry is because Beasts have it as standard. Doi!

I'm a bit busy with ToFG at the moment, but I think my next guard project might have to be some Catachan rough riders using the superb new cold one knights as a basis for the model. Now just to get guard legs to fit...


  1. yeah the cold ones would look alot better. See if you could find scout bikers legs, failing that empire knights shouldn't be too bad

  2. Empire Knights, Cold One knights... the legs are perfect for cavalry but all armoured. I'm thinking Catachans aren't likely to wear full plate armour, far more liekly to wear fatigues :oP

    I hadn't thought of scout bikers, might have to check that out.

  3. I agree with Ken, scout bikers are probably your best bet! Of course, unless you can get the parts from bitzbox you're going to have alot of spare bits!

  4. Scouring ebay found some in the US but not sure what the import taxes would be :oS only three anyway not enough.

    Think I'll pick up a scout biker at some point just to see if the idea could work.

  5. Out of stock on bits box at the moment
    If you fancy checking later.

    I'll have a look see if theres anything else i can think of

  6. Already checked Bitzbox, but cheers for the link anyway