Monday, 23 November 2009


A few images of my personal favourite unit from my Dark Elves army, the superb Cold One Knights, plus a Dreadlord on Cold One.

I have also painted about 20 warriors with spears, but they have a slightly simpler less impressive colour scheme. It looks good enough ranked up though. I still have about 20 Spearmen, 40 Corsairs, and a few Sorceresses and Assassins to do, plus about 20 Repeater Crossbowmen and a couple of Reaper Bolt Throwers.

I'm trying to avoid purchasing more until I've got through that lot, as I don't want to build up the same kind of backlog I built up on my Empire and Guard. With ToFG and other projects taking priority, I don't expect to get to this lot any time soon. Perhaps a Warhammer ToFG in 6 months time :oP

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