Monday, 23 November 2009


A long time ago I used skills and doctrines to design an awesome guard army for cityfight. I had a bunch of the new Cadians lying around, so I built the army to match the list. I then painted several vehicles and a couple of units, before inevitably with me getting distracted.

Now I have to admit this was on the back burner long before they took away my skills and doctrines. I made great effort to keep the army in a seperate case and not mix it in with the rest of my guard in the hope this would keep it pure and some day I'd come back to it. Then apoc came, and I needed models, more models, EVERY model I could get my hands on for the biggest games imaginable... I still have allthe Cadians, but the list is no longer valid. But if I ever paint up all my Cadian models, this is the colour scheme I want to paint them in. I'd like to do a dedicated cityfight army using Cadian models, but it's a long way down a very long list of things I want to paint.

Now there is one thing I really like this model for. It was the first time I painted faces without eyes. Previously I'd painted the eyes white and very carefully tried to dot the eyes so they're looking in the same direction. I got quite good at it, though there were still some distinctly odd looking dudes floating about (away with the fairies by the look on their faces...) But I realised that if a person was so far away that they looked the size of a model... I would not see the whites of their eyes. Admittedly, you wouldn't see anything more than a vague humanoid shape either, but that's beside the point :oP

For my first attempt at a face without eyes, using just shadow to suggest eyes, I'm really quite proud of it. It was a significant step in my painting development. Sure, I reckon I can do better now, but you have to look back at these important moments.


  1. Finally read through all your posts!

    Great to see some pictures up and you've got some impressive looking stuff. I can't wait to see the Penal Legion painted. I have a Riddick model (from Pitch Black if anyone reading has been living in a cave) that I could use as a Custodian when I get around to making a squad.

    I find the best way to do faces is flesh, wash, flesh. Either that or Dark flesh, Tallarn flesh - which is what I've done on my guard this time. It's not as good as washing but quicker.

  2. I love the new washes so I'll stick with that, even if it does take a little bit longer :o)

    As for Riddick, I'm so glad you said he was from the passable Pitch Black and not the awful Ridicules of Chronic.

  3. never really liked painting skin tones on models, aliens? no problem helmets? armour? no problem. But human skin tones, never been any good at it, looked fake. although I haven't actually tried for over 5 years.