Monday, 23 November 2009

Busy Weekend

Ok, I'm still waiting on my friend who volunteered to take some top quality pics for me to actually take them off her camera and email them to me, so I'll do a brief summary of achievements and new projects started over the last few days, and do a more detailed post with pictures later.

Almost finished Novembers stuff, had hoped to get it all finished by this weekend, but I had some inspiration I wanted to act on, plus wasn't in a painting mood for a few days, so felt it best to do some converting instead rather than risk messing my hard work up. I have a squad of Stormboyz to finish, and I'm down to highlighting and detail, and then the bases, so nearly there.

Also for ToFG I planned out my next months workload and have set it all aside in a box ready for December.

Winds of War
Chris suggested we all sign up for WInds of War, and all four TOFG competitors have. I'll be teaming up with Ken, meaning I'm taking my guard (Neither Templars nor Tau will work with Orks) As there are points available for nicely converted armies, I've decided to do an entirely seperate Guard combat Patrol special for this tournament. So more work :o/

I came up with a list, roughly detailed below.

Storm Troopers with 2 Plasmaguns and Chimera
Penal Legion Squad
Penal Legion Squad
Scout Sentinal with Heavy Flamer

Now for those of you who've seen my penal legion squad I converted out of Cadian and Flagellent bits with a smattering of Catachan, well I'm gonna paint them up for this, and have made another squad using the same method.

I've started on my Storm Troopers using Cadians as a basis, though want to do some converting on them. Part of that is a conversion of the gun so it is definitely NOT your average lasgun. I'm waiting on some Bitz from Rich (Space Marine Scout Shotguns) to carry on converting that squad. The plasmagunners are ready though. I also want to do a chimera special for the squad.

I've also done some heavy converting on a Sentinal with heavy flamer. I am quite proud of how this model has turned out and while I'm a bit daunted by painting it I'm looking forward to the end result.

Psyker Battle Squad
After the excellent form they showed in the apoc game I figured it was about time I converted a psyker battle squad, especially given I wanted some more flagellent bitz for my penal legion anyway. So Cadian bodies with flagellent/Catachan heads and arms - penal legion. Flagellent robes with Cadian arms (a rather strange look to see them with open robes and carapace shoulder pads, but I reckon it'll look ok painted) and bald heads (some from Cadian command squad, also picked up a few off the flagellent sprue) are psykers.

Other Projects
Other projects I have on my list at the moment are sitting with no progress as yet, some I need bits for, some I just need time. But active projects (quite aside from any Guard, Empire, Baneblades, Dark ELves, Valkyries, Tomb Kings, Vultures etc I decide to pick up and do) are listed below.

Catachan Rough Rider (on Cold One) Prototype
Boombunnies of Khorne
Warp Rift
Assault Boat Prototype
Skullhammer (needs more converting work ready for TOFG apoc month)
ToFG January
ToFG February
Heavy Weapon Bases (A bunch of bases I want to make scenic so my current heavy weapons can be used on a single large base, in keeping with the latest rules, without making a permanent change, cos we know GW change their minds from one edition of a codex to the next :oP)
Army base/tray for Winds of War
Chimera for Winds of War

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