Saturday, 24 October 2009

A Tale of Four Gamers - Round 1

Ok, your army lists are in, so here is what everyone is painting! Note that I've checked the points and it all works out roughly right here. We're aiming for about 500 cos I know wargear and equipment can vary prices and thus how much you have to paint. As long as everything looks reasonable in the list, I will just say what models you are painting here. Do note however, that if you, for instance, claim that each guardsmen in your army has frags, kraks, meltabombs, pistols, close combat weapons, personal vox kits and re-breathers, a canteen, a tent, enough styrcine to kill a bull elephant, full campfire equipment, a bull elephant, camo netting sufficient to cover a baneblade and a flashlight (aka lasgun) and thus you only need to paint 4 infantry this month, I will make this contest WYSIWYG ;oP

So here we are, what needs to be painted in November (or by the 7th December for a reduced score)

5 man command squad including medic and power fist
5 man command squad including missile launcher
2 x 10 man squads including missile launcher
2 x 6 man heavy squads including 3 lascannons

1 Commander with 2 drones
2 Crisis suits with 2 drones
10 Fire Warriors
1 Hammerhead

1 Winged Daemon Prince
10 Chosen, including Power Fist, 2 power weapons, and mark of slaanesh
1 Rhino

2 x 12 Ork Boyz including Nob with Power Klaw
2 x Truk with red paint job and wrecking ball
10 Stormboyz

So, as expected, the two horde armies face a much bigger task than the elite forces. Chris has gone for a good starting core to his army. Ken has also gone for a nice core start, with a bit of heavy support for shits and giggles. I have gone for a couple of core units complimented by more fast movers for what I plan to be a speed freaks army. And Rich has gone for an interesting addition to his Tzentch forces with a hard hitting Slaaneshi combat squad.

Good luck with the challenge, and gentlemen, start your brushes...


  1. Part of the reason for the hammerhead is that I have covered all the main elements of the army, battlesuits, firewarriors and vehicles. Anything else will just be a slight variation on the above.

    Good luck to everyone though.

  2. I did make a post but cocked it up somehow. I keep breaking the internet!

    I've got my first 1k assembled ready for painting each month. It's amazing how much Guard can fit in!

    I have written a list up to 2k, but the last 2 rounds are probably going to change. I think I'm going to have problems getting in units for Apocalypse!

  3. Apoc for guard is one of the easier ones. Obvious route, Baneblade. Good for 500 points, relatively easy to put together, fantastic model...

    Other than that you seem to be heading for lots of infantry at the moment. An imperial shield infantry company wouldn't be too far a stretch for you.

    If you fancy a break from Cadians a Catachan deathwatch patrol only requires 3 squads of veterans, with 2 special weapon squads optional. As far as apoc formations go, that's one of the smallest.

    Then there's simply putting three basilisks or battle tanks in for an apoc formation. The tank companies have two sizes, three, or three squads of three and a commander. There's one for 3+ hellhounds.

    All in all plenty of options :o)

  4. Yeah I had a gander at the datasheets last night. I was talking more of actually buying the models in. Without knowing what everyone else is planning I won't know what to take, especially with Rich having access to his own Baneblade and a multitude of Chaos units by that point, and you have some Orky stuff. We'll see closer to the time though!

    I might still yet sell my Nurgle and that'll give me some surprises to roll out ;)

  5. Oh no, loads of stuff floating about for apoc then. I was looking at the tau datasheets the other day, talk about having the worst possible data sheets.

    M'eh. I'll think of something.

  6. The battlesuit orientated datasheets are pretty cool. Other than that the rest are pretty lame for their points costs.

    I don't think the Apoc game is going to be all that serious anyway, so I'm not worrying too much about datasheets. The ones I like I'm going to need a fair few more models!

    Just make sure we have enough fusion blasters, meltaguns and lascannons to take down their expensive big tanks early on :D

  7. In comparison to what other armies have for less points, not really much benefit. Not complaining though. Just have to think about it. The one with the pinning looks pretty cool, apart from the fact that we're playing against two (nearly) fearless armies.

    Have to buy some more railguns. kill 'em before they get close then feed them guardsmen while rapid fire pulse rifles finish them off.

  8. Just had a flick through reload... saw one which makes your battlesuits fearless when they arrive on an objective. Good for late game objective contesting?

    The other interesting one I saw was using Fire warriors in devilfishs, makes the devilfishs fast vehicles. It may not seem like much for 100 points, but since they made hellhounds fast I have really enjoyed greater tactical flexibility with them. Being able to move 6" and still fire... you can do little more than get a slightly better view round the nearest obstruction. Moving 12"... you can entirely change your LOS. The boost to close combat survivability doesn't really effect skimmers admittedly... but it's a handy skill nonetheless.

    As for the Orks, I won't be bringing the killa Kan deff dread ones (unless they happen to come out with a plastic model between now and february) and while I have the start of a baneblade heavy conversion is needed. If I can get a quick schme for painting deffkoptas I could have one ready and waiting there once i pick up some flying bases...

    Anyway, I'm gonna have a look online see what other ones I can find.

    Chris, I have a white dwarf somewhere with that special valkyrie in that has two snipers in and a few special rules... another interesting apoc formation for you.

  9. Ha, when did this one come out? I think it sneaked under the radar... I think it's awesome! I'm almost tempted to make a chaos force so I get to laugh like a bond villain...

  10. Also looking at Tau ones, I find the Kroot one VERY customisable, and interesting (thoguh if you don't like the models I guess that's that one out the window.

    I also found these two to be quite interesting... it all depends on whether you can paint a few vehicles in that final stage, though we can allow a little more time on that one, it just depends when we can arrange a good day for the battle.

  11. Not many people take Kroot because they die too easily unfortunately. But that is a cool datasheet.

    I've wanted a Doomsday machine for ages, it's just such a cool idea!

    The Fast DFish will have some great CC survivability if you give them flechette dischargers. Wound anything on a 4+ and Orks have a crap save.

    I really am in two minds on selling my army at the moment. I have a fully painted army (minues 1 undercoated Prince) that looks cool when the whole army is out. But I'm quite bored of them and reckon I can get atleast £300 for it. I do want a Nurgle themed army but not until Chaos Legions is released and I can do proper Death Guard.

    Now just think of the firepower I can buy for £300. I was thinking of buying that force I spoke to you about for that combat patrol doubles in bracknell (ssh it's a secret!). Also it'll give me some extra stuff towards the Apoc game and I could probably have a fairly large IG force by the end of March all painted.

    Hmm.. I think I just answered my own question! I just put alot of work into my nurglies :P

  12. Oh and Ken, the idea of flinging my Guardsmen at the Orks to slow them down while Pulse Rifles go blazing is quite appealing. The theme of my army is running along "life is cheap." ;)

  13. Well it's entirely up to you, I'm not the best person to ask. I never sell any army. The way I see it, my old models that look shit, they may well sit in a box for years but then that one day where I want to run an empire army with crossbows, oh look I have a whole unit of them right there, no need to buy the new ones. Plus it interests me to see how far my painting has come - a comparison between my first skeletons and my tomb kings is a real eye opener.

    I'd keep the army, as otherwise when you do want to do Death Guard you're gonna have to start all over again. But if you want the cash for guard, who am I to argue?

  14. The thing is I don't have enough money to make several armies that have enough units that I can make the army varied and enjoyable. So I kind of have to make an army, and sell it when I want a new one with lots of toys.

    The main thing is that (a) I'm bored of winning all the time, with what feels like little skill needed because of the units (b) power armour isn't enough of a challenge, and against my main opponents I save on a 3, shoot and hit on a 3, cc hit on 3, wound on a 3. Everythings on 3's!

    The current CSM codex is quite bland in comparison to the new ones. And if I were to collect Death Guard it would be actual DG, not undead space marines like I'm currently running.

    It still is a tough decision though, because the army looks so nice and I put alot of time into it, but I want more Guard stuff. Damn decision making!

    I'll have enough mdoels at the moment for the doubles tournament if we run it.