Sunday, 18 October 2009

ooooh shiny...

Just got emailed that this little beauty is onit's way to GW in January. If this is a plastic set you can count me in for a squad straight away. Even though I don't have the army. They're just gorgeous.

If it's metal I might still be tempted to get a few, but less of them :o/

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  1. Bugger. Have re-read the email. Metal. :o(

    Ho hum I still have ideas. Depending on the price and the size of the range, I could possibly use them to make something of a chess set. Been coming up with ideas for making my own chess pieces with GW models for a while now. With some conversion work on some normal marine bikers and dreads (knights and rooks) it might not look too shabby, give me the chance to paint these cool models for something more than shelf sitting, and not break the bank :o)

    I first mused on making my own chess set years back when i first saw the LOTR figures. I really liked the elves. Didn't have much cash so put it on my to do list. However, I'd only seen pictures of the figures. I didn't realise they were a different scale. Having seen the scale I'm not that taken with them. Plus they would be dwarfed on the chess board I had in mind.

    Since then it's been just an idea on a long to do list. I've come up with various army ideas for the chess sets, but always face the same dilemma. King and Queen. The queen is the mosst powerful piece... but the King is the figurehead. Take the Necrons. Nigtbringer and a necron lord. Course the nightbringer is far more powerful and doesn't need protecting... but he's also the figurehead :oS Have just today had an interesting idea. Make the leader of the army/most powerful figure the queen, and to represent the King make an objective piece. Lose that and all is lost sort of thing. Which means for a lost and the damned chess force, I'd need a Commander for the Queen, and perhaps a fallen marine as an objective/King?