Saturday, 11 July 2009

READ YOUR CODEX. Then read it again.

Then read it a third time. And don't just skim over the bits you know, re-read them!

I've only had a few games with guard as most of this month I've been focused on fantasy with the upcoming tournament... but last night, for the first time, I noticed the brilliant Colonol Straken (as I've mentioned before, an old favourite of mine. For a guardsman he's a combat monster!) has a 3+ save!!!

This goes along with some arguments we've had recently in fantasy. Now whether MR can be used against AOE spells was a wording thing, so that doesn't count. But the fact that none of us realised you could use MR to help dispell a spell once it was in play... now most times that hasn't come up I guess, cos the first time I thought of it I checked. But from the surprised reactions I got I'm guessing the other guys were playing it wrong.

Another one we noticed recently was that great weapons get to strike first on the turn they charge. I can see more great weapons getting used in future. We also discovered Stubborn troops will break automatically if outnumbered by a fear causing enemy.

With the tournament coming up I plan to spend the next couple weeks reading and re-reading the rule book, and my own army book. I hope my opponents do the same, to help the games go quicker.

Once the tournament is by, I think I'll have to do the same with 40k and my shiny new guard codex, before I try to play them regularly again.

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