Friday, 17 July 2009


Forge World you bastards, you've done it again!

Forge World have yet again come up with a stunning model I want. Happens often enough. I was so tempted to get myself a brass scorpion, but stopped myself. As beautiful as the model was, I'd never use it, it's not my army. Of course, when they bring out beautiful models for an army I collect...

They've just released an Ork Half Track. Now using the fabulous new Truck model and some chimera spares I tried to make one of these myself a little while ago, but the scale was off and the model wouldn't work how I wanted it to. Those two models have now gone to be cannibalised for other projects and terrain. And now Forge World release this. It's just what I was aiming for, nay, better than what I was aiming for. It's beautiful. And for only £30 or so, compared to £18 for the truck (and if you include the cost of the chimera too, it's cheaper than my conversion attempt.)

Sadly I am stuck for money at the moment, as my home life is undergoing a little upheavel. But when I get some cash, Forge World will be recieving an order from me. This just gets added to the 3 vlakyrie conversion kits and 2 punisher cannon armed vultures I already have in mind. With one of these (ok, maybe two) I'll be nearly at the free postage threshold without even asking if anyone else wants anything!

Don't worry, I will ask. But I think it could be a month or two. Bear with me.

Forge World, please STOP doing this to me! Make beautiful chaos models that I can gazeat, appreciate, then move on from. Stop making models I can actually use, my wallet can't cope!


  1. And now we have sneak previews of the new demolisher kit... ARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!

  2. And the hellhound sprue... *sob*

  3. AND have come up with an interesting mini campaign idea... requires some planet strike scenery though...