Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Oooooh, Shiny!

Have just seen the latest on bols about valkyries/vendettas/vultures.

Now it had been my intention to get a nice aircav army (my very first post was about it) and a collection of 6 valks and 3 vendetta seemed a nice thing to aim for. Vultures are only for apoc so never entered my mind. I'd heard they were doing a vendetta conversion kit, so wasn't in any rush to scratch build something.

I didn't expect it to be so soon!!! And that Vulture with dual punishers has me drooling. Gonna have to get one of those for cool model factor alone. If it has cool rules that let it kick arse in game terms too all the better. I just love the idea of these valkyries coming along firing rocket pods down on the enemy, with an absolute hail of shots coming from the supporting vulture.

June 22nd eh? Forge World will be getting some of my paycheck this month then :oP

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  1. As I don't want to pay the ridiculous forge world postage costs, and my quest to get people to combine orders has thus far been in vain, I think I amy have to postpone my shiny plans until pay day - and then get an absolute arseload of the stuff! :oP