Friday, 12 June 2009

The Big Event Looms

So this Sunday sees the apoc bash I have been trying to organise for our club. At the moment it's a three way battle, not quite the 4 way encounter I first envisaged, but hopefully fun will be had nonetheless.

I do have to pack all the Baneblades up, and the stuff lil Rich wants to borrow, plus niges entire guard army he's borrowing... despite only living round the corner I think I'll be driving to the club on sunday, and hoping to hell to find a parking space right outside.

In other news, we have a fantasy tournament at the end of July. Managed to get two games of fantasy in on monday evening - it was more of a refresher course in what the hell we were doing than anything else - despite reading through the rulebook Monday afternoon I still found several things we'd done wrong on Tuesday morning. As such I wasn't planning on doing a battle report of either game (the first a slugfest in midfield that niges stubborn daemons were getting the better of by the time I conceded on turn 6, the second a hell of a turnaround against Chris' warriors of irressistable force, cough, ahem, I mean chaos)

Got my eye on lots of things from forge world, am gonna pin down the couple of maybes on sunday to see if anyone else actually wants anything or if I'm gonna have to find even more stuff I want from forge world to buy... ok ok not that hard, though since they released plastic shadowswords that's one less thing I'm interested in...

Will try to take notes during the game Sunday and hopefully do a massive battle report on the whole situation. Being referee I'll hope will give me the free time / free hand to do this that I would never have as an active gamer.

And then hopefully people will still come to the club on Monday cos fantasy will be very differnet from sunday, plus I'll actually want to have a game :oP


  1. That battle report may not be as easy to write as I'd first envisaged... Wez may now be turning up with Orks. The other guys seem happy for me to bring some Orks and team up with him. Nice to know I'm trusted :oP

    Having taken my 2000 point scraping the barrel Ork army and needing another 500 points, I had to say thank god i ruled out the FOC for this game. So now I have all the baneblades packed, including a recently started orky conversion, for 9 super heavies. 2500 points of Orks. 2500 points of guard for nige. About 500 points of guard for lil rich. A box of scenery. Plus all my apoc books, the rulebook, and more by luck than judgement, all of the codexes required for the day.

    Also tonight, started on a penal legion squad conversion - using some cadian sprues, catachan bits, plus some bits from my flagellents. The end result is a crazed bunch of psychopaths, led (from the rear) by a rather stern looking custodian who clearly takes no shit from his charges, if the convict on punishment detail for that day is any guide... *pics to follow, either before or after the apoc pics*

  2. Well, that was a looong day. But on the bright side I ended up taking a far more active part in the game than I anticipated, and arguments were kept to a minimum, and fun was had by all. It ended as a tie between Rich/Dan and Rich/Chris, with no clear loser as Neil/Stu and Wez/Ginge both picked up a couple of objectives each.

    Despite trying to think of all eentualities before the game some things did come up. Some I think the players could have spotted sooner if they'd thought about it, which would have made resolving the issue a lot less contentious. Some things we didn't even see coming, but tried to work the best answer we could on the day. All in all a good scenario, but having more than two sides throws up so many headaches that I won't be doing it again in a hurry.