Tuesday, 19 May 2009

What's this Royal Mail has brought me?

Hmmm... I wonder what this could be?

Oooh, isn't THAT nice!

Mwha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaah! My God I LOVE ebay! Ironically my first plan is to build these for the apoc scenario, so chances are the first game they get they'll be in the hands of someone else. Oh well, these things are set to try us :oP


  1. It's a dinosaur!

    No wait that can't be right.
    one ...two ....three


    Looks like my titans are going to have fun with them!!

  2. Don't worry, only one will be a shadowsword :oP I absolutely must have a stormlord, wanted one of those since apoc reload came out.

    The final one I'm torn between two options... Doomhammer and Banehammer. Doomhammer is a 60" range, str 10 ap 1 5" ordnance blast. So good for tank hunting. But then so are lots of other things.

    I'm leaning towards the Banehammer... 60" range, only str 8 and ap 3 (terms can laugh at it) but it's a 7" blast that causes earthshock. This means you determine the centre of the blast and roll 4D6. Within this area everything counts as difficult terrain. Anything moving through difficult terrain already rolls one less dice than normal. Vehicles count it as dangerous terrain, including skimmers.

    Personally I'm leaning towards the banehammer as it could be a handy way of delaying a vicious assault, or at least breaking it up into managable chunks. And given the effect lasts until the start of the next guard turn, it doesn't affect guard movement at all. Awesome!

  3. Oh, got all three for about £130 on ebay... better than paying £180 from GW :oP