Friday, 8 May 2009

Valkyrie Modelling

I have started to assemble my first valkyrie. I have previously mentioned great plans for squads of these things, this is a basic one for now. I am planning to position the Catachan tank rider in the open side door though.

I have assembled several chunks of the model. I am going to need to paint the interior before I continue construction. I shall also paint the sliding doors (the internal side at least) so that they are ready to be held in position when I continue assembling the model. My vague plan is to put some masking tape on the inside to prevent my painted interior from catching spray paint when I base coat the exterior. These can be removed once the spray can is safely packed away.

I have one door gunner at his heavy bolter, while the other is folded away to allow the Catachan to sit at the doorway. I have used some spare bits from a Cadian heavy weapon sprue to turn the other gunner into an additional crewman who will be poised at the rear ramp (no doubt encouraging any storm troopers to "GO! GO! GO!" The Catachan will stop one of the doors from being closed, so he will have to be one of the last things I add to the model.

Going to go with the colour scheme that has become the predominant one for tanks in my army, and am debating the jaws paint scheme near the nose that looks quite cool. Get a feeling that will be a popular one though :oS

Pictures will be posted to this entry as soon as I find the lead that connects my mobile to my PC :oP

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