Monday, 11 May 2009

Mount Up!

Well after the success of last weeks infantry horde, it's a possibility they will be waiting for me to turn up and try the same army again this week... don't they know me at all?!?

Tonight Straken will be leading the force again (I had originally intended to leave Straken and the Orders system at home today, but I wanted a mechanised force and once I realised penal legion squads couldn't have chimeras my idea for a penal battallian was put on hold...) this time he will have a chimera. As will the ogryns, accompanied by Yarrick. As will the 2 platoon commands and their 3 squads each (all squads have a meltagun to give me something for the tougher stuff)

So all in all 10 chimeras. Plus a couple of hellhounds for shits and giggles. In fact, the only person on foot is that man Marbo again, who went behind enemy lines weeks ago, and while we get the occassional report of an entire squad being wiped out without firing a shot, enemy prison camps being bust open, and some idiot running round with a bandanna and a bow and arrow, thus far high command have been unable to take any of these ridiculous rumours seriously...

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