Saturday, 16 May 2009

Apoc Scenario

Somewhat inspired by the white dwarf scenario, I've been tweaking this for a potential upcoming event. There are also some random events, but as referee I'll be the only one aware of those for the time being. Still a work in progress, but I thought I'd publish it to try to address your fears (Ken!)


A sort of semi apoc game using rules from apoc and from basic 40k. No super heavies will be allowed in force selection, instead there will be a stock of super heavies on the table waiting for people to claim them. This will be a multi team event, a sort of doubles game if you will, with Ginge providing the super heavies, being the ref, and controlling any random events that spring up to keep the participants on their toes.


Setup will take place similar to a normal 40k Dawn of War scenario, with 2 troops and an HQ allowed up to 12” on to the table from their respective table corner. This will be per player, hopefully we will have 8 players. The game board will be set up by the referee, a 6’ x 8’ board with several super heavies in the centre of the table, facing out.

Force Selection

Each team will consist of two players. The team must make sense. Thus Imperial cannot work with Chaos, or Orks or whatever. Ideally the teams will be of the one side, but if we’re stuck for basic sides the referee will appoint teams to the best of his ability. (Perhaps Eldar and Tau would choose to work together for the survival of the craftworld/greater good. Perhaps Orks and a Khornate warband realise quite how much they have in common etc)

Each team will consist of 5000 points. This can be split between the two players however they see fit, though it is recommended to keep it as fair as possible.

No superheavies or Gargantuan creatures will be allowed.

Force selection follows apoc rules. There is no minimum troops allowance (though bear in mind the dawn of war restrictions already mentioned) players can select whatever they wish.

Legendary Formations are allowed, and can use any strategic assets which affect JUST that formation. Other supporting assets (such as those added to the players asset pool) will not count. Each player will receive one asset from a restricted list. (The armies won’t have had time to prepare the battlefield for starters) The referees decision is final.

The same special character cannot fight alongside his “twin” brother. Hopefully all similar armies will be working together anyway, so it should be easy enough for two ork players to decide which of them has Ghazzkull and which one has Wazzdakka.

Tyranids and Daemons will not be involved in this game. The daemons have no need to salvage lost tech, and the Nids would just want to eat them…


Armies will deploy similarly to Dawn of War as already mentioned. They will be allowed to deploy anywhere within 12” of their table edge, which will extend 24” from their team corner in each direction. Any forces not left in reserve arrive on turn 1, reserves arrive using apoc reserve rules.

Capturing a Super Heavy

Any unit that is within assault range of a super heavy can assault it in it’s turn. Declare before assaulting whether you are trying to capture it or destroy it. If it has already been captured there is no option to capture. The tank can only be claimed once. If they have any surviving models in base contact by the start of their next turn, the tank is claimed. Any surviving models are then removed from the table (assumed to be in the tank – they will be destroyed with the tank so are effectively removed from the game) While claiming a unit benefits from the tank blocking many avenues of LOS. The tank grants a 3+ cover save to the unit. If assaulted the unit will fight as normal, and if they repulse the enemy before the start of their next turn they can claim the tank. Otherwise they will continue to fight and wait for the next opportunity.

A second unit can attempt to capture the same tank if they can reach the tank but not the unit – they have the same option of trying to attack or capture. The trouble is they would then be hoping someone else finished off the enemy – otherwise they’ll just drive off in their own turn. Perhaps it would be better to attempt to damage the tank before it falls into enemy hands.

Note – only infantry can capture a tank. Bikes and Jump Troops are far too bulky to capture a tank. Models in Terminator Armour are similarly disadvantaged. Any questions on what could feasibly crew a baneblade, the referees decision is final.

Once the tank is captured a piece of paper will be revealed explaining the status of the tank – they’ve been left on a battlefield, we can’t guarantee these will all be in perfect working order! Only the referee will know what the papers entail (and he will have placed most of them randomly so it should surprise him to a certain degree too!)

Winning the Game

The game will run for a set number of turns (determined by the time factor which will be judged after the first couple of turns) an equal number of turns per team. Each team will have one objective in their deployment zone. Each surviving super heavy will count as an additional objective to the player that controls it. Normal apoc rules apply for scoring units and objectives.


  1. Sounds like you've thought pretty carefully about it. Certainly covered most of my concerns.

    Sounds like it could be a fun idea

  2. Hopefully. And having me volunteer to referee this game will help it run smoothly I think. How many times have we had long arguments where both teams just make there equally reasonable points but obviously support their own point of view? If I'm there as ref, if a dispute comes up, they can make their cases, show me their interpretation of the rules, then I can give a ruling. Then it's final. Argument over, game on.