Monday, 27 April 2009

Straken beats down the Ruinous Powers

OK, played my first game under the new codex. Went with a solid base of 3 infantry squads with melta guns with 2 squads mortars and 2 squads missiles in support. Command with Straken. A demolitions experts vet squad, a penal legion squad, an ogryn squad (joined by Yarrick) and a couple of battle tanks. Facing off against me Rich was using 2 units of Death Guard, a unit of chosen, 20 lesser daemons, a defiler, 2 dreads, and a daemon prince of slaanesh (with lash) fighting alongside a daemon prince of nurgle with nurgles rot. (How nice to see these arch enemies of chaos put their differences aside just to fight little old me...)

Rolled and got an objective game (YEEEESSSSSSS!!!!! At Last! At Long Last!) Capture and Control. Rich had first turn and put his high in a building. I went for a building on the opposite corner. Had Slaanesh daemon Prince and defiler on his left, dread in middle, 2 rhinos of death guard on his right. Kept nurgle daemon prince, lesser daemons in reserve, along with outflanking chosen and one of his dreads.

My roll for the penal legion gave them assault 2 lasguns. I deployed them on the objective (stubborn troops, good objective holder in my book, plus they now had 2 shots out to 24" so the opportunity to pepper some marines on the way in... if I got them out of their rhinos.) I had another squad and then platoon command behind them. The mortars at the back of the field. I had Straken and his command in a chimera next to my troops, with a missile team either side of the mass of troops, and an infantry squad supporting each missile squad. I put both battle tanks on my left, had the vets ready to jump into a chimera in the middle, and the ogryns embarked, also in the centre. My right flank was pretty deserted.

Managed to sieze the initiative. Good day or what! Using orders to twin link my missile team, pegged one of the rhinos. Then the battle tanks managed to account for the other one. Rich fell his troops out of the wrecks, forwards. Fair enough... that puts them in range of 30 lasgun shots from the penal legion using the first rank fire second rank fire... will have to double check this but I'm pretty sure it was lasguns, will have to make sure it doesn't specify rapid firing lasguns... Some sustained mortar fire and chimera fire in support took down a couple of death guard, but not many. These guys are good at soaking up fire. Straken having proved the merit of the orders system, I resisted the temptaion to push ahead. With str 7 i 4 power weapon on the charge, it was tempting to send him hunting for the death guard. But the value of the orders, while not game breaking, proved very useful against certain targets. The platoon commmand orders didn't prove too useful in this game (didn't have the need to weather heavy fire, and I was already sat on my objective.) The extra shots proved useful though. The Command Platoon though, with it's twin linking against large targets, proved far more useful. Plus they can use any of the other orders too.

The ogryns proved far more durable with their new toughness. The dreaded marine with power fist caused two wounds... not even enough to kill one ogryn. Under the old rules he'd have killed two outright. Plus when they were fighting the lesser daemons they soaked up a lot of attacks... the difference between wounding on 4 and wounding on 5 accounted for a lot of the attacks Rich rolled. Yarrick leading them gave them extra vigour, and yarricks new re-rolling of successful wounds proved quite fun. He was dragged down in the last turn... we didn't have another turn to see if he'd get up again or not (though by a humouring Rich roll, he didn't, not this time. I'm sure we'll see himagain though.) The ogryns, with Yarrick, managed to polish off half a death guard squad, beat down the Slaanesh daemon Prince, and kill about half the lesser daemons before being overwhelmed. More importantly, they proved quite a speed bump stopping those lesser daemons from reaching my objective.

My veterans, after a mauling from nurgles rot, got back in the chimera and went on their way proving a distraction for Richs defiler and dread. I realised they wouldn't make tRichs objective (by the time I got over there past his guardians and climbed two floors... he'd have battle cannoned me anyway) but it kept him occupied and away from my bastion of fire. His only hope by the end was contesting my objective. His nurgle daemon prince was there trying to do just that, but by then I'd decided Straken had a bigger job than giving orders, and after several rounds of combat he dragged that sucker down. The platoon command had taken up position near the objective but out of the fight ready to cliam the objective when the daemon prince died. Rich last hope on his turn 5 was to send his rhino in and hope to contest. I braced Straken in the way, ready for Death or Glory, (he is str 6, plus he has 2D6 armour penetration, though I don't think Rich realised that.) It was irrelevent. Rich immobilised his Rhino on the difficult ground ahead of him. With the dice roll saying htere'd be no turn 6 the guard had won the day!

Finally, some rumours persist of a single man wiping out 8 death guard with a well placed demo charge. Admittedly, one survived the blast and moved on to immobilise a Leman Russ. But then the mysterious trooper tracked him down and gutted him like a fish. He was last seen charging a daemon prince of nurgle in support of his colonol... 6 attacks 4+ to hit, 2+ to wound. Sadly Ginge was in command, so he managed to miss the collossol hunk of festering meat with every swing. The daemon prince, perhaps out of sheer amusement, turned away from the command squad to squash the annoying man. This gave Straken the opening he was looking for to rip out the daemons spine. The daemon didn't seem to notice this so the colonol proceeded to beat him round the head with it, and eventually killed the beast.

Sly Marbo. 65 points. Well worth it. A special weapon sqaud with demo charge costs 55 points (though you have to have 2 other weapons, so you're looking at 65 minimum, though you'll then have a couple of flamers too. They are then 6 men who your opponent can see carrying a large bomb who have to make their precarious way to where they are needed most. Sly just... apppears. He can lob his demo charge (wiping out 7 nurgle marines) and while he doesn't have a power weapon, ignore him at your peril. 2+ to wound is quite nasty when most of the nurgle army are laughing at you as you try in vain to get those 6s to wound. He will be a definite feature of my army, and it's good to have my old favourites back.

What I'm not looking forward to is seeing people with Savlar Chem Dogs, lead by Lord Castellan er... Sneed, advised by Colonol Snaken, and look there's Sly Manbo, Captain Chickov and however many other special characters they can squeeze in. I want to do a themed army which is fun. Commissars can go in basic squads now. I may use that with a cadian force, but there's no way I'd use it in a Catachan army. (I still love the old codex rule of commissars in those armies meeting with unfortunate "accidents" on the way to the battle on a roll of a 6... so there's no way I'd put them in an army now even though there'd be nothing like that stopping me. There are some people out there who will abuse this codex. I don't think it's as open to abuse as others, but power gamers always find a way. I just hope they don't give me a bad name, to the extent I turn up with Marbo and Straken and get acussed of cheating. Hey, at least these guys are from the same PLANET!!!

Anyway, update over. Very impressed with the way it plays, more new things to try next week.

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