Thursday, 23 April 2009

New Codex and the 1/9 Aircav

Today I recieved my new Guard Codex. Having been a guard player since 2000 it was nice to see the return of some old favourites of mine (I started with Catachans) in the form of Sly Marbo and Colonol Iron Hand Straken. Tonight I shall be poring over it and coming up with armies I can use in my Monday night club games. I do however have an idea I'd been toying with for years that I'd love to do now.

Years ago I saw in White Dwarf someones conversion of a land speeder. They'd stretched it and used it as a counts as Chimera for their Catachan guard army. I loved the idea, and considered doing something similar. But then my Catachan codex got phased out, and I turned into a bit of a tread head.

Now with the new codex, Valkyries have opened up all sorts of possibilities. I plan to get more tanks and take full advantage of everything the codex has to offer in good time, but for the moment I'm focussed on the valkyries.

I've only just got the book, so don't have the list yet. But expect to see Straken, Marbo, no tanks and lots of infantry with plenty of Valkyrie and Vendetta support. I also plan to customise the valkryies, giving them Catachan passengers (including a Killgore lookalike for those who know their movie trivia, his Valkyrie will also be carrying a surfboard) and in one I'm looking at wiring up a small circuit if I can hide it with a couple of mini speakers and an old MP3 player, loaded with various tunes (Ride of the Valkryies obviously) and some selected tunes from the soundtracks of Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, Forrest Gump... :oP

The 1st Battalian Catachan 9th Air Cavalry Regiment will be a work in progress, with updates as and when I accomplish milestones.

For now, I think that's a good start to my blog, now I want to read my shiny new codex :oD

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